Classis Illiana Member Resources

Meetings Together:

Classis Illiana meets together in person 2 times per year to hear about each others work and to encourage and help each other do more than we could alone, once in the Spring and once in the Fall of each year.   Member churches please click here to see minutes from past meetings.

Interim Committee:

While we are not meeting, the Interim committee meets regularly to keep our association running well.  Members include:

Jim Hollendoner, Chair          

Laryn Zoerhof, Clerk             

Tim Groenewold, Treasurer   

Drew Brown                              


Rules of Procedure:

We do have some rules of procedure to keep us all moving in the same direction.  Click here to view them.

Financial Information:

One of the many things we do together is financially support specific local and global ministries throughout our classics and denomination. 

Member churches please click here to view the treasurers' page for more information and download the current form to send in with your tithe.

Our Ministry Plan   (adopted September 2019)

Classis Illiana exists to unite its member churches in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ within our neighborhoods and communities and to provide a covenant community for mutual support and encouragement as we engage in ministry. As each church is called to “bear witness to Jesus Christ and his kingdom through word and deed”[1] Classis Illiana will establish and maintain committees and representatives that support this witness of our member churches.


The Ministry of Classis Illiana exists through the work of several teams:

1.  Supporting the local and regional evangelistic and outreach efforts of our churches and campus ministries – the work of the Classical Home Missions Committee (CHMC).

  • The CHMC will provide vision and leadership for the development of healthy congregations and campus ministries, focusing on evangelism, church planting/development, and campus ministry in our region.
  • The CHMC will develop an overall classical strategy for evangelism, church planting/development, and campus ministry.
  • The CHMC will provide resources to congregations and campus ministries regarding church planting, evangelism and other witnessing needs and opportunities.

2.  Supporting and assisting those aspiring to full-time ministry in the CRCNA – the work of the Student Fund Committee (SFC) in consultation with the Classical Ministerial Leadership Team (CMLT) and the Classical Interim Committee (CIC).

  • The SFC will encourage member congregations to be proactive in identifying possible candidates for ministry in the CRCNA through an annual Banner ad and annual personal contact with a council leader or pastor in each congregation.
  • The SFC will be part of classis' efforts to guide candidates for ministry through their educational and candidacy journeys by recommending educational grants to classis, maintaining annual contact with candidates about their developing sense of calling, and writing synodical candidacy committee reports as requested.  Church councils may engage the SFC about their process or candidacy as they feel need.
  • The SFC will provide financial assistance to those seeking ordination in the CRCNA.

3.  Stewarding the resources of the churches given to Classis Illiana through classical ministry shares – the work of the Classical Interim Committee (CIC).

  • The CIC will encourage member churches to support the ministries of Classis Illiana.
  • The CIC will provide supervision for the financial affairs of classis and its ministries.
  • The CIC will review all requests for financial support and recommend appropriate classical support.
  • The CIC will provide oversight and support to all ministries.

4.  Supporting and encouraging the work and ministry of our member churches in order to provide for our covenant community – the work of the Classical Interim Committee (CIC), stated clerk, regional pastor, church visitors, church counselors and church visitors.

  • The CIC will provide supervision and direction for the ministry of Classis Illiana  and the needs of member churches in-between meetings of classis.
  • The stated clerk will provide resources and information to churches as they  communicate with classis regarding matters of ministry.
  • The regional pastor will support and encourage pastors of classis by providing pastoral care when needed.
  • The church counselors will support and encourage churches of classis by providing advice and guidance in times of vacancy.
  • Each pastor in Classis Illiana is assigned to serve as the church visitor to a neighboring church for the purpose of providing ongoing encouragement and support. He will be assisted by an elder or experienced lay leader in his church.

[1] CRCNA Church Order and Its Supplements, Article 73. Christian Reformed Church in North America, 2017.